Shandaken Projects supports cultural advancement through public programs and artist services. These opportunities are focused on process, experimentation, and dialogue, and are aimed particularly at important but under-served individuals. Through our free residency programs, our public art initiative, and our commissions and exhibitions, we create possibilities for cultural practitioners to forge new pathways in their work and in the world.

Shandaken Projects' unique structure compliments its interest in emergent forms with transformative potential. It is supported by a peer network of creative professionals who have direct input in the organization’s major decisions. This ensures that the program receives its mandate from its primary constituency, and affords it the freedom to be flexible and responsive.

We believe that research, experimentation, and the pursuit of new ideas are vital steps in the progress of culture, and that the creative community must safeguard space for them. We provide an alternative organizational model and significant opportunities for this community in an independent environment. Shandaken Projects is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and is intentionally small-scale.