Inaugural support

Shandaken Projects could not have come to be without the unyielding honesty, acute intelligence, and/or infinite patience of Chris Gartrell, Jonah Groeneboer, Eric Hess, Nadja Millner-Larsen, Sean Sluys, Lumi Tan, Nick Vogelson, Julia Weist, and Pat and Gary Weist.

Thank you also to those who literally helped build our first campus: Austin Alter, Ryan Chassee, Patrick Crowley, Chris Gartrell, Jonah Groeneboer, Andrea Hill, Christine Hou, Juliet Jacobson, Andrés Laracuente, Sarah Mosbacher, Hannah Rawe, Peter Russo, Kant Smith, Lumi Tan, Jacques Louis Vidal, Nick Vogelson, and Julia Weist.

Our library was supported with a founding book donation by DAP, and has grown through the generosity of Andrew Kreps, Bitforms, Bortolami, Canada, Callicoon, Elizabeth Houston, Hauser & Wirth, Invisible-Exports, JTT, Lisson, Luhring Augustine, Miguel Abreu, Pace, and Paula Cooper.

Much thanks also to Creative Time, for their ongoing moral and infrastructural support. Our first tools were generously donated by Crest Hardware, which has supported practical and creative production in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for over 50 years. Our first herb garden would not have been possible without a generous seed donation by Horizon Herbs.

Our application for 501c3 status was stewarded with great care and intelligence by McDermott Will & Emery, whose generous donation was facilitated by the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest.

This gorgeous website was designed by Ryan Rowlett. Thank you to Lauryn Siegel for making sure our editions look the best they can in photographs.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the following individuals who supported Shandaken's first capital campaign:

John Adams
Alexander Adler
Natasha Agrawal
Becca Albee
Quinn Asteak
Mary Atwell
Jeff Bailey
Donny Bajohr
Danny Balgley
Sarah Dotts Barley
Brendan Barry
Winona Barton-Ballentine
Brian Battjer
Amelia Bauer
Erica Baum
Marek Belski
Chris Benecke
Heather Bhandari
Michael Bilsborough
Philip Birch
Alexandra Biss
Nayland Blake
Hillary Bliss
A.A. Bronson
Ben Brown
Sean Carroll
Simon Castets
Robin Cembalest
Eddie Chu
Vincent Cianni
Brian Paul Clamp
Brian Clifton
Claudia Clyde
Joseph Collins
Sam Consiglio
Maggie Converse
Ian Cooper and Rachel Foullon
Anne Couillaud and Thomas Forissier
Joy Drury Cox
Valentine Curandi and Nathaniel Katz
Jesse Cutaia
Lorraine K. Davis
Mike De Paola
Molly Dilworth
Art Domantay
Katy Donoghue
Hannah Rose Dumes
Anne Eastman
Nicole Eiseler
Yasser Elhariry
Kim Evans
Elisabeth Fay
Robert Filippini
Michelle Finocchi
Julie Fishkin
Colin Fitzpatrick
Robert Flynt
Alison Forbes
Sam Frank
Elise Gardella
Chris Gartrell
Sarah Gentile
Gabrielle Giattino
David Gilbert
James Graf
Joshua Graver
Georgia G. Gray
Holly Greenfield
Brendan Griffiths
Nathan Gwynne
Charles Harlan
Dave Harper
Heather Hart
Judy P. Higgins
Laura K. Higgins
S. Higgins
Andrea Hill
Hope Hilton
Kitt Hodsden
Laura Hoffmann
Christine Hou
Sarah Hromack
Jordan Hruska
Rob Hult
Lisa Iglesias
Jacques and Chandra
Meredith Johnson
Kimberly Kay
Molly Kleiman
Robert Kloos
Erin Knutson
Fawn Krieger
Tatiana Kronberg
Brian Kuzma
Marie La France
Jennifer Lam
Ulrich Lang
Margaret Lee
Nora Lynn Leech
Josh Lubin Levy
Sarah Lewitinn
Lisa de Lima
Nate Longfellow
Jeffrey Lopez
Matt Lucas
Matthew Lyons
Karen MacFarland
Ryan James MacFarland
Adam MacLean
Celestine Maddy
Pamela Matsuda-Dunn
Gloria Maximo
A. May
James McAvey
Hector Meza
Johnny Misheff
Marie-Adele Moniot
J.A. Morris
Peter Moskowitz
Martha U. Moszczynski
Paul Mpaqi Sepuya
Terry Muenzer
Kristian Nammack
Alyssa Nitchun
Tiffany Noe
Dan Olincy
Stephanie Otto
Jeff Palmiotti
Bruce Pearson
Stephanie Pereira
Jared Phelps
Rain Phoenix
Mike Powell
Paul Ramirez Jonas
Hannah Rawe
Benjamin M. Riskin
Mariah Robertson
Sabine Rogers
Lydia Ross
Nicole Russo
Peter Russo
Goldy Safirstein
Hanna Sandin
Joshua Seidner
Jessica Shaefer
Todd Shalom
Carla Shapiro
Mark Silver
Stephanie Smirnov
Brad Ford Smith
Elisabeth Smolarz and Jan Wilker
Lanya Snyder
Jesse Sposato
Dane Stalcup
Jeremy Steinke
Sarah Stephenson
Fred Stern
Joshua Stylman
Jennifer Sullivan
Molly Surno
Andrew Tilson
Joe Tirabassi
Benjamin Tischer
Helen Toomer
Mark Tribe
Emilie Trice
Kkory Trolio
Julia Trotta
Nina and Georgi Tushev
Nickolaus Typaldos
Scott Valentine
Jonathan VanDyke
Markus Vater
Allyson Vieira
Martha J. Wallace
Michael Wang
Carolyn Waters
Benjamin Weber
Emily Weinstein
Gary Weist
Julia Weist
Pat Weist
Erica Wessmann
Adam White
Chris Wicke
Brad Williams
Rosemary Williams
Joshua Wilson
Sam Wilson
Susan Wilson
Kelly Woods
April Word
Sarah Workneh
Todd Yukovic