Who can apply?
The request for proposals for Shandaken: 14x48 is open to all emerging and mid career artists with the exception of current students. Priority will be given to artists who reside in New York City.

What can be proposed?
Proposals must meet the following practical requirements: a single artwork, able to be reproduced in two dimensions, on vinyl, using typical printing technologies. Proposals should represent an expansive understanding of mass media's potential. Ancillary elements in addition to a billboard—like accompanying websites, in-person presentations, exhibitions, etc—are welcome but not required. Please note that billboards may not be used as advertising (for, for example, products, services, or exhibitions), however artworks and art projects that deploy advertising as their medium, or that intersect with the theoretical and practical nature of advertising in creative ways, are encouraged.

What kind of proposals are ideal?
Proposals that explore the expansive creative potential of mass media generally, and/or that respond to timely issues facing New Yorkers and New York City.

What file sizes are required for printing billboards?
Minimum file specs vary with billboard size, but are generally 1/2" to 1' scale, at 300 dpi. In other words, printing a 14-by-48-foot billboard will require a digital image at least 7 by 24 inches at 300 dpi.

Costs and budget:
Shandaken Projects will pay for the cost of printing and installing each billboard. The cost of producing the artwork selected for the billboard is the responsibility of the artist. Costs for producing ancillary elements may be satisfied by Shandaken. There is a $15 application fee, however artists are welcome to email us with a few lines about their circumstances to receive a fee waiver.

Where will billboards be posted?
Within the five boroughs of New York City or the Hudson Valley/Catskills region. Proposals should not require further specificity than these general areas.

How many proposals will be selected?
One to three proposals will be selected from each RFP. One billboard will be awarded to each selected candidate.

When will billboards be posted?
This will be determined on a per-project basis.

What will be required from artists selected for this program?
Artists selected for this program should expect to work with Shandaken as on a commissioned artwork, in areas like project framing, production, and press and marketing. Artists must supply print-ready files at least five weeks prior to posting. Shandaken Projects reserves the right to include organizational information, like a URL or logo, on each billboard produced.

Background image: Johanna Breiding, Swarm II, 2020, Broadway and 181st Street. Commission by 14x48, billboard by Lamar Outdoor.