Who is eligible to attend Shandaken: Storm King in 2023?
The residency welcomes artists and their families, as well as collaborative groups of two or more individuals who have an established track record of making work together. If you have questions about your eligibility for this year’s program, please email info@shandakenprojects.org with a few details about your situation.

How do you define “family”?
We are pleased to welcome any individuals with whom applicants currently reside. Please note that our guest policy below will apply to anyone who is not staying with residents for the duration of their stay.

How many people can the house accommodate”?
There are four bedrooms total, three with full or queen beds, and one with two twin beds.

How long are residencies”?
Two to six weeks each.

Are artists who are part of a family or collaborative group, but would attend this program without their family or certain members of their collaborative group, eligible to apply?
Yes, however please note that preference will be given to artists attending with their families, and to collaborative groups able to attend with all of their constituent members.

Should applications by collaborative groups show examples of work by the group or by individual members?
Please only submit examples of work made by the group.

Can two artists who are life partners but make work individually apply as a collaborative?
No, the application is designed for artists to apply as individuals if they do not belong to a collaborative group. It is acceptable for both artists in a couple to submit applications individually, with or without mentioning their partner’s application somewhere in the text.

Can two artists who make work as a collaborative group and who are also life partners apply?
Yes, please apply as any other collaborative group would (ie: show examples ONLY of work made as a group, NOT work made by individual group members), and make reference to your shared life in your application if you desire.

When do you announce your residents?
Applicants are notified in early May.

Do residents need their own car while onsite?
Shandaken: Storm King will arrange for pre-scheduled errand trips with a vehicle as needed. However, having your own car is strongly suggested—especially to satisfy needs or desires beyond short trips to a grocery store, pharmacy, or art supply store, or if family members who attend with residents need access to supplies, activities, or amenities.

Can international artists apply?
Yes, however please note Shandaken: Storm King does not support travel costs at this time, nor can we offer visa support beyond issuing documentation regarding this opportunity.

Can current students apply?
Yes, but in your application please explain why now is the right time for you to attend.

Does the residency have a kiln, photographic or video equipment, a sprung floor, or any other specialty tools?
No, Shandaken: Storm King is best suited for research and planning projects that require tools such as the above.

What if I need electricity, water, or wifi to make my work?
There are outlets and wifi available in the studio, and water available in a room nearby. There is no slop sink.

Could I build a fire on the grounds to complete an art project?
No, fires are not currently permitted.

Could I do a project within the Art Center?
No, residents may not place or make art within the public areas of Storm King.

Can I make art outside the residency house?
No, the outdoor areas available to residents in 2023 are not suitable for art-making.

Can a guest stay with me at Storm King?
No, individuals who do not arrive as family or in a collaborative group are not allowed to stay overnight at Shandaken: Storm King.

Can I leave the residency during the session?
We ask that residents limit their absences to necessary, work-related trips only.

Are pets allowed?
We love pets and want to see pictures of them, but unfortunately pets are not allowed.

How can I ask a question about the application?
Please review our full suite of online materials to see if the information you need is available there. We are happy to provide additional thoughts over email at info@shandakenprojects.org until one week before the call for entries closes. We cannot accept phone calls regarding applications.

Can I use my application credit from 2020?
No, as described in your original notification letter, credits were available for use for any Shandaken application in 2022, but not in subsequent years.

I made a mistake on my application, but I can't log back in!
Please contact our application service provider, Submittable, for technical support. Shandaken is not able to make adjustments to any application after the call for entries has closed.

I haven't heard back from you! When will I know if I got in?
We appreciate your patience. We read every single word in the hundreds of applications we receive. You will hear from us as soon as we are able to contact you.

Can I apply again if I was not successful in years past?
Yes, we have had numerous residents succeed with their second, third, and sometimes even fourth applications.

Can I apply as a member of a collaborative group if I applied as an individual in the past?
Yes. No need to let us know, or you can if you’d like.

Can I defer a successful application?
No, we are not able to accommodate deferrals.

What kinds of amenities or resources for families with children are nearby?
Storm King is located in Orange County, New York. There are daycares, camps, hospitals, and pharmacies nearby. A list of local amenities will be provided to residents and their families prior to their residency.

Is the residency house’s internet strong enough to support remote work or learning?
Yes, the connection can meet most needs in this area.

What kinds of access needs are accommodated by this program?
The residency house has a paved driveway, and its exterior door is at the top of four stairs. It is a two-story, historic house with no elevator—one bedroom, a living room, the kitchen, and the studio are on the first floor. Bathrooms are located on the second floor. We invite applicants with accessibility questions to email us at info@shandakenprojects.org to schedule a conversation about how we can endeavor to meet their needs.