About Membership

Members are the core of Shandaken Projects' financial support network. This unique community not only funds artist services and public programs, but also has a direct impact on the organization by contributing ideas that help shape it: members are empowered to guide the organization through open dialogue with our director.

Members of Shandaken Projects give $348 annually, or $29 per month. Membership is acknowledged with a gift of one of our current, commissioned limited edition each year, invitations to Shandaken events, and the privilege of recommending candidates for Shandaken's opportunities. Many members are creative professionals like artists and art workers, giving Shandaken a structure that ensures its mandate comes directly from the community it serves.

The inspiration for this program comes from Community Supported Agriculture—an alternative economic model that came to America in the 1980s. In a CSA, members pay a farmer up front for a portion of that year's harvest, which they collect later on—receiving a high-value return on a modest investment. Shandaken adapted this system for nonprofit administration because a large group of shareholders contributing small amounts is typically more sustainable than a small group contributing large amounts. And really: who needs more tote bags, anyway?

We hope you will become a member to help us create safe spaces for experimentation and process!