Outdoor Screening of XY NAUGHT by Jory Rabinovitz

Outdoor Screening of XY NAUGHT by Jory Rabinovitz

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Shandaken Project

300 Route 42, Shandaken, NY

Visual artist Jory Rabinovitz’s first foray into theater, XY NAUGHT, follows an unknown wanderer’s failed yearnings to express and create. Unable to apprehend established modes of representation and economy, the wanderer fumbles through his surroundings and into tumult and debt. A lead role in a Greek tragedy gives promise to make reparations for the protagonist, but instead leads to further confusion, creative impotence and impediment. With a cast comprised of artistic peers who are untrained on the stage, XY NAUGHT investigates the closing gaps of performance in its varied embodiments in the world of art and industry through an amalgamation of contemporary models and ancient Greek theater.

XY NAUGHT was first performed in January 2014 at the New Theater, Berlin, then in May 2014 New York at Abrons Art Center, New York City. For Shandaken, Rabinovitz will introduce and screen documentation from the NYC performance, with a bacchanal dance party to follow the screening.

Starring Jessi Reaves, JPW3, Sam Anderson, Phillip Birch, Joseph Geagan, Sayre Gomez, Frank Haines, Lena Henke, Jeff Joyal, Brian Kuzma, Jose Martos, and Taylor Trabulus. Original score by Harry Bornstein, GOBBY, Max McFerren, and NA NGUZU.