Pillow Talk with Brian Droitcour

Pillow Talk with Brian Droitcour

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Molasses Books

770 Hart Street, Brooklyn, NY

Please join Shandaken on March 1 for a presentation by summer 2013 resident Brian Droitcour entitled My Art World Is Huge. Droitcour will address the relationship between contemporary art and its audiences, using the reviews of museums and galleries that he has written and found on Yelp as fodder for analysis and discussion. With writing about art outside established channels of professional media as a potential source of ideas for reinvigorating critical writing, he will discuss how the modern concepts of art, museums, and criticism developed in tandem with the public sphere. Perhaps the widespread use of social media—a new kind of public space, where expertise, objectivity, and reason yield to emotion, immediacy, and subjective experience—calls for a revision of institutional and critical practices.

This talk is an extension of Vernacular Criticism, his lecture given at the New Museum in October. The format will be more anecdotal, centered on readings of reviews and their informal discussion.

Shandaken Projects' ongoing series of "pillow talks" are intimate discussions with former residents and special guests. Eschewing the traditional slide lecture format, these presentations focus on residents' realms of inquiry rather than illustrated histories of their object-making.