Why is Shandaken interested in candidates who want to complete a labor-intensive project?
Shandaken: Governors Island awards 24-hour access to generous studio space, located just down the hall from residents' living quarters. This setup is well suited for artists who need to invest lots of time in process. We invite candidates to tell us about the particular project they are working on—for instance if they have a lot of work that needs to be banged out on a deadline, a speculative piece that requires a ton of things to be fabricated, or an idea that calls for intensive focus over a sustained period.

Why is Shandaken interested in candidates who want to use printmaking equipment?
Shandaken: Governors Island confers exclusive access to our print studio from 5p to 10a, Mondays through Thursdays, and around the clock Fridays through Sundays (with certain limited, prescheduled exceptions). Artists who are experienced printmakers, or those who are interested to experiment with printmaking techniques, are encouraged to tell us about the project they would like to work on using our Risograph or other printmaking tools.

Why is Shandaken interested in candidates who want to pursue open-ended studio-based experimentation?
Shandaken Projects has offered process-focused residencies since 2012, including awards of studio space on Governors Island from 2018 through 2020. We've learned that giving artists a strong break from the context of daily life in combination with unlimited, unstructured time can create transformative change in their practice. Residing on Governors Island gives one the feeling of being totally apart from the rest of the world, and Shandaken: Governors Island residents receive 24-hour studio access. Candidates are encouraged to tell us about any new directions in their work that they are excited to explore.

What is the length of each residency?
Candidates can select two-, four-, or six-week terms on their applications, at their discretion.

What are the dates of the 2022-23 application cycle?
Opportunities are awarded from December 2022 through May 2023. Candidates can let us know what window would be best for them on their application.

How do residents get to and from the island?
Residents are invited to board ferries inbound from Manhattan for free, from 6:30a through 10:30p. A full schedule of nonpublic ferries available to residents is provided upon acceptance.

How are tools, materials, and personal belongings brought on and off the island?
Vehicles are allowed on weekday ferries at certain times, with approval secured in advance. Residents will be provided with the island's vehicle policy well in advance of their arrival.

Can I bring my partner or family?
We are pleased to welcome residents' primary partners to reside with them onsite, however we regret that due to limited space, we are unable to offer accommodations for any other individuals.

Can guests visit the island?
Guests can book trips on any public ferry. Tickets are $3 each. Guests are not allowed to stay overnight.

Will I be alone on the island overnight?
Generally speaking, yes. Individuals hosted by other organizations on Governors Island must leave the island every evening—so residents are alone overnight with the exception of a small safety team.

What if an emergency happens while I'm there?!
Emergency personnel can reach the island on short notice, 24 hours a day. Protocols are shared with residents upon arrival.

Can I leave the residency during my stay?
Residents are free to travel on and off the island each day, however we ask that they return to the island each evening. Traveling out of New York City during a residency term is strongly discouraged.

What are the food options on Governors Island?
Takeout options on the island are very limited, and only available seasonally, during public hours. Governors Island does not have a grocery store. Residents may order grocery delivery to the Manhattan ferry terminal via Fresh Direct, or retrieve groceries from any location in the city to carry back on-island.

What equipment is available onsite?
Residents are offered the use of sturdy carts to pick up groceries and parcels from the ferry terminal, high speed wifi throughout their suite and studio, and print studio equipment as described elsewhere.

What kinds of practices does this opportunity support?
Any visual art practice except those that will produce particulate messes (like sanding) or toxic fumes or vapors (like spray painting, resins, etc) are welcome. Please email us if you have specific questions about whether your process can be effectively supported by this opportunity. Please also note that Coast Guard regulations prohibit flammable materials, for instance oil paint, from being transported on the Governors Island ferry.

What will be required of me if I am awarded an opportunity?
Shandaken will expect residents to be present onsite each evening except in case of emergency, and to return their suite and studio in the same condition as they were received. Residents are asked to pay for any print studio materials they use at cost, and to consider placing one print from any edition produced onsite in the Shandaken archive. Residents are invited to make a public presentation about their work at the end of their term. There are no fees or other deliverables associated with this opportunity.

What happens during residencies?
Residents’ time on Governors Island is unstructured. Residents may do as they please while there, while being mindful that they are living within a multi-use space that is employed by other artists and Shandaken administrators during office hours.

Are pets allowed?
We love pets and want to see pictures of them, but no, pets are not allowed.

Can I make art elsewhere on the island?
This opportunity is best suited for indoor practices. Outdoor practices that "leave no trace" and can fit seamlessly into the context of a public park can, generally speaking, also be accommodated with advance discussion—but it's best to contact us to share the particulars before applying if you require outdoor space to work.

Can collaborative teams apply?
Shandaken: Governors Island offers only one bedroom. If this works for your collaborative team, please apply with a single application.

Can current students apply?
No, this opportunity is for candidates who have completed their formal education.

Can artists who do not live in New York City apply?
Yes, artists from elsewhere are welcome.

Can artists who do not live in the United States apply?
Yes, however please note that Shandaken is unable to offer visa support outside of supplying basic documentation.

Does this opportunity come with a stipend or a travel budget?
No, this is an opportunity for free room and board and studio space only.

Can this program meet my access needs?
We invite candidates with disabilities to contact us to discuss their needs person-to-person in advance of applying.

How can I ask a question about the application?
We are happy to provide thoughts over email about questions that cannot be answered by reading our extensive online materials. This service is available until the date described in said materials—generally about a week before the call for entries closes. We cannot accept phone calls regarding applications.

I made a mistake on my application, but I can't log back in!
Please contact our application service provider, Submittable, for technical support. Shandaken is not able to make adjustments to any application after the call for entries has closed.

I haven't heard back from you! When will I know if I got in?
Please be patient. We read every single word in the hundreds of applications we receive. You will hear from us as soon as possible. Reading emails about your application will take valuable time away from our jury process.

Can I apply again if I was not successful in years past?
Yes, we have had numerous residents succeed with their second, third, and sometimes even fourth applications.

Can I defer a successful application?
No, we are not able to accommodate deferrals.