Artist Living Quarters
Residents of Shandaken: Governors Island are invited to stay for two to six weeks each, one at a time, in a private 300 square-foot suite that includes a full bathroom. The suite is located inside of Shandaken's multi-use headquarters, which also includes a semi-public print studio, a public exhibition space, and the organization's offices, which are in use from 9am through 7pm weekdays and for infrequent events during non-office hours.

The living quarters, which are totally private, are furnished with a queen-sized bed, two nightstands, a loveseat, an armchair, a coffee table, two dressers, and extensive closet space. Linens are provided and the suite is fully climate controlled. A large kitchen, shared with Shandaken staff, is located down the hall. The kitchen is equipped with necessities including pots and pans, flatware, dishes, a microwave, a toaster, a refrigerator, and an electric stove—however residents are asked to purchase their own groceries. A large dining area is connected by a pass-through with the kitchen, is also shared with staff, and is occasionally used for classes and workshops during office hours.

Staying on Governors Island
Governors Island is a well-known destination for recreation, but few people are aware that over 1,400 students and office workers commute to and from the island daily as well. Robust systems are in place to ensure that these individuals can pursue their goals effectively. Residents of Shandaken: Governors Island are offered special privileges including:

Free ferry transportation 7 days a week to/from the island, 6:30a through 10:30p
Ability to bring vehicles on-island at certain hours to transport tools, materials, and personal belongings
Grocery delivery to the Manhattan ferry terminal via Fresh Direct
Parcel delivery to the Manhattan ferry terminal
Opportunities to roam selected areas of the island during nonpublic hours
Discounts from on-island food and beverage vendors
Onsite laundry

Resident Studio
The Shandaken: Governors Island studio is a private 200-square-foot room with 12-foot ceilings and three large windows, located down the hall from the residency's living quarters. There is a small closet for residents' use and the space is furnished with a desk, office chair, worktable, and thinking chair.

Print Studio
Shandaken Project's Print Studio is available to any artist working on Governors Island, as well as alumni of all of Shandaken's programs, from 10a to 4p Mondays through Thursdays. Outside of these regular hours, and at times within them when it is not booked by third parties, the studio is available for use by the Shandaken: Governors Island artist in residence. Use of the studio is free and materials are offered at cost. The studio's major tools include a Risograph, perfect binder, stack cutter, and silkscreen workstation (for pulling prints—screens must be burned offsite).