When do you announce your residents?
Successful applicants are notified in mid-April or early May.

Can collaborative teams apply?
Yes, please let us know how many bedrooms and studios you will need in the appropriate section of your application.

Can international artists apply?
Yes, however please note Shandaken: Storm King does not support travel costs at this time.

Can current students apply?
Yes, but in your application, you should make a good case for why now is the right time for you to come.

Do you have a kiln, photographic or video equipment, a sprung floor, or any other specialty tools?
No, Shandaken: Storm King is best suited for research and planning projects that require such as the above.

What if I need electricity, water, or wifi to make my work?
In addition to their studios, residents are also invited to work in a communal area attached to their house with ready access to all utilities. Each bedroom is equipped with a desk and there is wifi throughout the house.

Could I build a fire on the grounds to complete an art project?
In most cases, small outdoor fires can be accommodated with advance notice and specific precautions.

Could I do a project within the Art Center?
No, residents may not place art within the public areas of Storm King.

Can I make art on the grounds of Shandaken: Storm King?
Yes, in most cases the outdoor areas that are not open to the public are available for residents to work in.

Can a guest stay with me at Storm King?
During the Covid-19 pandemic, guests are not allowed at Shandaken: Storm King. This policy includes family and partners.

Can I leave the residency during the session?
We ask that residents limit their absences to necessary, work-related trips.

Are pets allowed?
We love pets and want to see pictures of them, but no, pets are not allowed.

Can I bring my partner or family?
We want to hear all about them when you arrive, but partners and families are not allowed.

How can I ask a question about the application?
We are happy to provide thoughts over email about questions that cannot be answered by reading our extensive online materials. This service is available until the date described in said materials—generally about a week before the call for entries closes. We cannot accept phone calls regarding applications.

How do I redeem an application credit from 2020?
To redeem an application credit from the 2020 cycle that was interrupted by Covid, please send an email with the number provided to you at the time. A unique link will be sent in response. Please use ONLY that link to apply.

Can I use my application credit from 2020 in a future application cycle?
As described in your original notification letter, credits may be used for any Shandaken application in 2022, but not in subsequent years.

I made a mistake on my application, but I can't log back in!
Please contact our application service provider, Submittable, for technical support. Shandaken is not able to make adjustments to any application after the call for entries has closed.

I haven't heard back from you! When will I know if I got in?
Please be patient. We read every single word in the hundreds of applications we receive. You will hear from us as soon as possible. Reading emails about your application will take valuable time away from our jury process.

Can I apply again if I was not successful in years past?
Yes, we have had numerous residents succeed with their second, third, and sometimes even fourth applications.

Can I defer a successful application?
No, we are not able to accommodate deferrals.