About the Print Studio

Shandaken Projects' new print studio, opening August 2021, is available for use by all individuals affiliated with organizations working on Governors Island. The studio boasts many tools but is primarily focused on the Risograph—a digital reproduction technology that uses soy-based inks to make offset prints. In keeping with Governors Island's environmental stewardship goals, all studio waste is compostable.

The Risograph was invented by Noboru Hayama in 1986. Combining digital and analog processes, the "Riso" (translating to ideal in Japanese) ingests images digitally, then creates a fiber-based screen through which ink is extruded one color at a time. Prints with multiple ink colors require multiple passes through the machine. The final product is very similar to a silkscreen print, however Riso prints cannot be accurately registered—their "wabi-sabi" aesthetic has been become a beloved hallmark of the medium.

Shandaken Projects is pleased to welcome any artist or individual currently working on Governors Island to utilize the studio by appointment for free, after attending a free training led by our Printer in Residence. Trainings are offered once per month. Once trained, individuals are invited to work in the studio unsupervised. To attend a training, please use the button below to make a reservation. If you desired training is at capacity, please email info@shandakenprojects.org to be added to our waitlist.

While working the studio, individuals are invited to use materials at cost—generally 5 to 25 cents per print. Information about how to reserve studio time is circulated at each training. The first trainings will be held July 30, Aug 13, and Aug 27, all from 1 to 4pm.

The Shandaken Projects print studio is well equipped to create prints up to 11 x 17 inches, zines, books and booklets, and other ephemera. In addition to the Riso, the studio also features:

• A perfect binder
• A paper jogger
• A paper trimmer
• An 8 x 11 inch light table
• Cutting mats up to 30 x 40 inches
• A booklet stapler
• A black and white laser printer
• An iMac with a current Adobe Suite license
• Inks including black, light grey, yellow, fluorescent pink, and medium blue