How do residents get to and from the island?
Residents are invited to board public ferries for free May 1 through Oct 30, and to make use of a staff ferry Nov 1 through April 30. The latter usually runs hourly weekdays between 7a and 6p, with very limited weekend service. (Schedule subject to change.)

Are the residency facilities fully accessible to all?
The facilities of Shandaken: Governors Island meet all ADA requirements. We invite those with special needs to send questions about accessibility via email.

What happens during residencies?
Successful applicants may shape their residencies as they see fit. With the exceptions of the meetings, brief, and public presentation mentioned below, Shandaken: Governors Island offers totally unstructured time. Residents' studios are not open to the public.

What else will be asked of the residents?
Residents are required to attend up to two, one-hour-long meetings per month. Residents may be asked to prepare a brief to share with Shandaken Projects and the Trust for Governors Island, summarizing their experience and offering insights about the island and its future. Residents must present site-responsive programming, discussed below.

What are the public programs mentioned elsewhere?
Residents are asked to make public presentations of new work developed in the course of residencies on-island. Their content must be focused on a facet of the context of the island itself, for instance its history or ecology, the experience of place, or an extant feature of its landscape, and the format is open.

How much time will creating the tour demand?
Like any artwork, creating a program will take as much time as a resident desires to spend. We suggest that each public program lasts 30 to 60 minutes.

Do you have a kiln, photographic or video equipment, a sprung floor, or any other specialty tools?
No, Shandaken: Governors Island is best suited for residents who can bring their own tools into the studio spaces we provide.

How do I get big objects or materials on and off the island?
Vehicles are allowed on the ferry at certain times on weekdays when approval is secured in advance. Residents will be provided with the island's vehicle policy.

Are living spaces provided?
No, this program offers only studio space.

Can I stay overnight on the island?
No, overnight stays are not allowed.

Can I leave New York during the residency session?
We ask that residents limit their extended absences to necessary, work-related trips. Residents must be present, in person, for the presentation of their tours. Tour dates will be established upon acceptance.

Are pets allowed?
Pets are not allowed with the exception of service dogs.

Can I make art elsewhere on the island?
This program is focused on studio practice and the public programs discussed elsewhere. Art-making in other locations on the island is discouraged. Exploring the island is highly encouraged.

Can I invite other people to visit me on the island?
Residents may invite colleagues, employees, and other professional contacts for work-related visits. Access may be limited during the off-season and nonpublic hours.

How is this program different from LMCC, or other opportunities on Governors Island to which artists can apply?
Shandaken: Governors Island is organized in partnership with the Trust for Governors Island, and offers residents the opportunity to engage with the island over multiple seasons throughout the year.

What kinds of applicants are of interest for this program?
Shandaken: Governors Island is ideally suited for cultural practitioners who have completed their formal eduction and spend at least three days per week on their creative practice. "Cultural practitioner" could describe a visual artist, creative writer, dancer, academic, performance artist, or any other individual who contributes to the cultural landscape of New York City. Ideal candidates will have practices that can fit seamlessly into the unusually office-like studio environment we provide.

When do you notify candidates of your decision?
Successful applicants will be notified in early September.

Can collaborative teams apply?
Yes, please use a single application.

Can international artists apply?
No, applicants must currently live in New York City in order to apply.

Can current students apply?
No, however please keep this program in mind once you graduate.

How can I ask a question about the application?
We are happy to provide thoughts over email about questions that cannot be answered by reading our extensive online materials. This service is available until the date described in said materials—generally about five days before the call for entries closes. We cannot accept phone calls regarding applications.

I made a mistake on my application, but I can't log back in!
Shandaken cannot access individuals' applications except to read them. Please contact our application service provider, Submittable, for technical support. Shandaken is also not able to make adjustments to any application after the call for entries has closed.

I haven't heard back from you! When will I know if I got in?
Please be patient. We read every single word in the hundreds of applications we receive. You will hear from us as soon as possible. Reading emails about your application will take valuable time away from our jury process.

Can I apply again if I was not successful in years past?
Yes, we have had numerous residents succeed with their second, third, and sometimes even fourth applications.

Can I defer a successful application?
No, we are not able to accommodate deferrals.