Margaret Lee

Hand-painted plaster, dimensions variable
With signed and numbered certificate, 2012
Edition of 90 + 15 APs (each unique)


Margaret Lee's Katahdin is a cast and hand-painted replica of a Katahdin potato grown by Shandaken Projects director Nicholas West. She is interested in the potato as a classless object: a banal, staple foodstuff that ignores social barriers. The new potatoes exist somewhere between an edition, a readymade, and a unique artwork: each is hand painted, however they are all cast from the same mold. Each comes with a signed and numbered certificate from the artist.

Lee's potato sculptures became well known in 2010, when she individually cast Idaho potatoes that were repurposed as raw material for other artists, namely Michele Abeles and Darren Bader, in a show for White Columns. Lee collaborates with both on a regular basis, and also shows Abeles' work in the commercial gallery she runs, called 47 Canal. This flattening of roles and commitment to ongoing partnership is tantamount in Lee's practice: community and collaboration are vital elements of her artwork and her program as a dealer.

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